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Facebook Bug Let You See Friend List of Any One [Privacy Setting Bypass]

friend list fb hackHey guys Shivam here, long time but now lets comes to the post. This post is about a bug in Facebook that lets you bypass the privacy setting of any user to see the friend list of them . By this you can see the friend list of any one include the one who has blocked you Smile with tongue out .

Good for boys to spy their ex or current but let me clearly declare that this is not a new thing to know this trick is online from years but I thought it could be good to revise as some of us are still not aware of this.

so lets come to an example , Examples are the best to describe in what condition you want this trick as much that you can sell your kidney to see someone’s friend list . So lets start … Just imagine a situation where your girlfriend just dumped you Smile with tongue out but you are not giving a damn about it, you just moved on but on some day you got to hear about new boyfriend of your ex and guess what your ass is on fire Open-mouthed smile so you decided to view who is that new guy so easiest way of doing this is to see your ex’s friend list and find who is the new wild card entry in that , but wait what happened nothing is visible in the friends tab , that is because your ex had set privacy on her friend list so you cant do anything . But wait after this post you can do some thing….

So after this example that is not happened to me( I SWEAR )  Sad smile  you can now understand the importance of this post . so only because of this I am posting this trick again .

After This Post :-

  • You Can View Friend List of Anyone.


This is basically not  a programming bug, its just a feature which allows users to get friend suggestion based on their activity which include sending friend requests.

So basically you send a friend request and  then Facebook starts their work..

Steps :-

1. Make a New Facebook Account. (For Email ID I Prefer Use a New Id , For Fake ID Use Rediffmail)

2. Now After Making New ID And activating It Just Send Friend Request To The Person Whose Friend List is Hidden.

3. After That Go To Find Friend tab Or On App Or Web It Will Automatically Starts Displaying The Suggestions These Suggestions are The Friend Of the Person.

4.. You will Not Able to See Full Friend List So To Get Full List Try This With Different Ids .

SO Thank You For Reading Good Night …..


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