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Want To Use Truecaller Premium For Free ? [Truecaller Tips & Tricks]

Truecallerhello guys , Shivam Mishra HERE . Truecaller a must have and also most of user have it app in todays tech world. There was a time when knowing the details about the unknown number is a CID kind of thing also not a single network operator provides this service to user as sake of the privacy.
But then truecaller comes in light , in India they started  services very early but got famous after some years because truecaller has to have a large library of numbers but that needs more peoples having truecaller in their phones and now truecaller achieved what they want the largest library of numbers. Now almost every number has details on truecaller also they have launched their dialer also.

So How Truecaller Works :-

So how does truecaller manage to get this much big library having more than 184,000000 and counting numbers and also the numbers are kept increasing every second , so how does it happens .

When a user installs truecaller , truecaller uploads all contacts in his or her phonebook to truecaller servers making these numbers available to users of truecaller  across the globe.

By doing this they increase and enlarge their data base and make truecaller more useful.

So this is kind of number stealing right??

no, truecaller mentioned this in their terms and conditions and also it is not that you can not do anything against it, it is your number you can hide your number as well as you can unlist your number from truecaller so that no one can find it .

How To Unlist Your Number From Truecaller :-

1. Just Go To This Link.

2. Enter your Number At That Page And Your Number Will Get Removed .

Note :- To Unlist Your Number You Have To Delete Your Truecaller Account From Truecaller App.


Truecaller Badges :-

Truecaller have different badges to give your status when somebody searches your number on truecaller it is kind of respect and also gives useful information about the user .

1. Verified Badge :- This Will be activated if your name is same as other users have saved in their contact list. So in my case I Saved my name as Shivam Mishra and it will not verified until some truecaller users have saved my numbers have saved as Shivam Mishra.

2. Premium Badge :- This will activated when you purchase premium service from truecaller.

3. Truecaller Badge :- This Is default when you installs truecaller than it will be activated by default .

4. Brand Ambassador Badge :- This will be activated if you are the part of truecrew.


TrueCaller Premium :-


Truecaller premium is a service which give you more features than regular truecaller . Here is the quick view of premium truecaller.

1. Premium Badge.

2. Allow You To Know Who Searched Your Number And Who Requests Your Number.

3. Support Truecaller .

This Service is 60 rs per month, but you can get it free by some offer for few days but in this season truecaller has come with a new offer to give premium services for free for 30 days .

How To Get TrueCaller Premium For 30 Days :-

1. Open Truecaller App in Your Phone .

2. Now Search #TrueRamadan15 .

3. Now You Will Get Free 30 Days Subscription Of Truecaller Premium .


That’s all for now, thank you for reading .

Happy Monday Smile

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