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Moto X 1st Gen 5.1 Update: What Should Be Known About Update

hey guys Shivam here, as we discussed in older article about the lollipop update for moto x and moto e 1st gen , all of the users of moto 1 gen devices were waiting for the lollipop update, in all the users the moto x 1st gen users were most disappointed because Moto x was the flagship of the company and after paying that much you are not getting an update after 2 month of release is really disappointing .
But after the update releases and many users waiting for the 5.0 update , Motorola unofficially unannounced that moto x will get 5.1 directly means another one month of waiting, but after that much time the time comes and soak test started and than with in a week the OTA for moto x 5.1 has began rolling out on 1 July.
there was many issues in soak tests but we all ignored them as they are only soak tests but after the official OTA got released all of the moto x 1st gen users experienced that this lollipop is not sweet as it should be.
So  this article is for moto x 1st gen users who does not updated till now or for those users who updated their devices and now thinking that they are alone but hold on we are with you in this post we will describe commonly faced issue after lollipop update.

Little History About Lollipop on Moto X 1st Gen :-

Moto X was the flagship for the Motorola mobiles and also it was very innovative as it comes with moto maker also the touch less control active display and other new things make moto x a better and best things for those who never compromised off sheet performance. It was best in class as it got kitkat update it got better ,  butter like UI more closer to vanilla android feel also the active display and touch less control they are just flawless.
Also because of dual core processor and 720p screen it had got way better battery life than all other phones in class. All was running good and Motorola launched 2nd gen of moto x and it  was particular disaster not many updates and lack of promotion make the deal horrible and now moto x 1st and 2nd gen both have very bad market but users of these devices are very happy because of built quality and reliability of Motorola.
When the lollipop update launched for nexus devices many of peoples thought moto x will be first in line of getting this update as Motorola was a Google company and new nexus was a moto built but all dreams scattered as time passes. All devices of moto also most of the companies like micromax also updated their phone to lollipop but moto x 1st gen din not get any update .
After many sarcasm a moto employ gave statement and the picture got clear. Actually the problem was that k the X8 computing system which was firstly used by moto x is very difficult to mold in lollipop as it needs special effort , so after many months and rumors the moto x 1st gen got the update . but now the story begins.

Lollipop Update For Moto X 1st Gen :-

firstly the update is around 700mb and you need to charge your device above 25% and also note that update will consume 30 – 45 min excluding download time . Your phone may get very heated so be ready and don’t worry it is normal. So lets come to the review after 1 week with our moto x 1st gen with lollipop 5.1 .

  • The Pros Of This Update :-


1. The Launcher :- 

Originally the lollipop has a white background in menu but as all users know that moto x has a amoled screen so white becomes yellow in that so it is not suitable for moto x . So Motorola decided to stay on its kitkat launcher black back ground which is quite cool and reasonable in my opinion .

2. The MOTO App :-

Motorola combined the assist, active display and touch less control as known as moto voice and also the actions into a single app called MOTO . It have all the features and working of all the apps and also a great material design to feel the lollipop.

3. MOTO Voice :-

Moto voice got major updates like moto x 2nd gen it got new option. Like now you can say your own custom phrase in place of boring ok Google now. also you can use new commands like good night which will put your phone in sleeping mode and also the talk to me command which will announce the messages and all calls for 30 min.

4. Material Design & Lollipop Features :-

As lollipop is famous for its material design so this will feature in it and also new lollipop features like new sound management similar to moto assist and new ambient display similar to active display is the part of the update .  Also the whole new notifications are their in the update. Also the guest mode and new dialer is the part of it.

5. Active Display :-

Active display got a tweak now you can see all notification not like previous were notifications of any one app can be read but now you can select what notification you want to read also by tapping on notification you can see the battery and the calendar with date and day.

  • The Cons Of The Update :-



Yes , you might be aware of that lollipop for moto x is bugged or have hanging issue , so it is true that after lollipop moto x will hang and also there are several bugs included with update. It you installed the update than you might facing it when doing multitasking or when playing games . Also in dialer there is very laggy performance by the update.

2. Wave to Wake is Gone :-

Many of you might know about it but for other I am describing that when in kitkat you wave your hand over your phone than your active display starts and this is kind of good thing. Motorola never said that it is programmed by many people says that it was a bug  but in lollipop it is removed so now you can not turn on the display by just waving your hand over the phone .

3. Consume More RAM:-

If you know that in kitkat your ram should be free at least 1 GB after doing so much multitasking but after lollipop the ram is preoccupied so you will get only 700-900MB of free ram , this might cause the headache of freezing and hanging of apps.

4. MOTO Skip Removed :-

Okay , this might be not worth for mentioning but it is my work so moto skip the not so popular tech is removed from the update.

5. The H+ Sign Problem :-

  This is Kind of weird but after update no one is getting H+ bar in their status bar I don’t know why but now one is getting it. you will get the speed but you will not get the H+ Icon in your status bar.

6. The Android is Upgrading Issue :-

This is one of the main issue after lollipop, in this when your phone get switched off by discharge battery than when you charge it and again on it you will see the android upgrading bar with apps optimizing . So every time when your phone get switched off it got 10 min to turn on because every time it optimize apps around 109 apps or sometimes less then 20 but it is a bug.

So this is the main front view of the most awaited update for the moto x 1st gen, the problems are very from device to device but these are the common problem I also faced with my Moto x 1st Gen XT1052 Model . Thank You For Reading …..

Have A Good Day 

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