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Mirror Your Phone’s Screen To Your PC With Audio [Non Root][On Wifi]

Hey guys Shivam Here, yesterday I was watching iron man 2 as it is one of my favorite movie and we all want JARVIS so watching it give some hope. But lets come to the point using your pc in different way makes you cool dude across your friend and also there is not many things which can specify that you are not just a copy pester of pc who just open pc to use FB .
Okay now lets play just imagine game. So lets start Just Imagine a situation you are sitting on your sofa, listing songs as usual in your earphone or headphone on your head . Suddenly you found a song the must listen one and you want all of your buddies in that room to listen that one, so what to do???
Option 1: Share that on Whatsapp or Update That Creepy FB Status That Heyyy I am listening that song  and want you to like this whether you like it or not.
Option 2: Become the tony stark of the room  just do some touch on your mobile and vollaa the song or video song is playing on your laptop.
Or just want to show other the just shot photo on big screen than just live telecast your phone’s screen to PC or TV .

Things Can Be Done After Reading This Post :-

1. Send Your Mobile Videos Or Games To A Bigger Screen .
2. Stream Audio With Videos Or Only Mp3.
Hey Look At Them Also :-
1. Stream Rate Is Decent on WIFI.
2. Software Does Not Have Any Special Features Only Do only One Thing Type But It Is Good On Your CPU.
3. Does not Have Run At Start Up And Minimize In Tray Option.
4. Below Lollipop User Will Requires Root Access.

How To Setup MirrorOP Sender And Receiver :--

Download Mobile App From Here.
Download PC App From HERE.
1. Connect Phone and PC On same WiFi, you can make hotspot from pc or mobile and connect them that will also work .
2. If You Want To Use USB Connection Than Connect Your Mobile With Pc With Cable and Turn USB Tethering On.
3. Now Run MirrorOp Receiver On PC And MirrorOP Sender On Mobile .
4. On Mobile It Will Start Searching And Will Find Your Device Than Click On IT And Press The Play Button .

5. Vollaaa You Are Done ……
So Enjoy Live Streaming Of Sound And Video Direct To Your PC…
Thank You For Reading..
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