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How To Post On Blogger With Windows Live Writer After Not Found Error

Hey Guys Shivam Mishra Here , lets with a very bad news for blogger user who used windows live writer to make a blogger post offline, the news is after the latest update in Google services on 26 May windows live writer will no longer be able to post on blogger directly , means you will not be able to use windows live writer to associate it with your blogger account.
Google has updated its OAuth service to increase its security but as we all know windows live writer did not got any update from 2012 so because of old algorithm windows live writer will not support blogger services for now.
It has been 3 to 4 days with ended support on writer and many users like me also facing this problem because not only live writer is only offline editor for blogger but it is very good and convent than any other editor including the Default editor of blogger.
So this is all about thee disaster now lets come to the management , on this topic an Google employ on Google + Said that Google will work on it but as we all know the percentage of windows live writer is very low so I doubt if they do anything. And on the Microsoft side they are just paining to give updates to windows 10 so no ray of hope from their side well .
So we can now OFFICIALLY say that writer is down for blogger for a very long time as we can expect.
So What can Be Done , In this post We are going to describe you that how can you use writer to make blogger post so please read it very carefully.

Update : Got New Update For This Article . Read It Here .

Steps :-

1. Write Your Post In Windows Live Writer As You Always Do.

2. Now Click On Source Button On Writer’s bottom left.

3. Now Press ctrl+a To Select the all HTML Code and than Copy It.

4. Now Open Post Editor in Blogger and click on HTML And Paste the Code.

5. Now Copy Paste Title And label as Well.

Done , you have used all the formatting of writer in blogger , and to post your photos you have to use the default editor of blogger and also it will work on any platform.

Thank you for reading , to get all news updates about windows live writer please keep updated with this page thank you.

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