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How To Get Unlimited Amount Of Recharge On Freecharge Only For 60 Rs

Freecharge New OfferOkay firstly don’t go for the title for now because in first we will discus about the official offer than will move to the tricky part to use this offer to get maximum amount of recharge .
So lets starts with the official offer , Freecharge is the next best service provider after Paytm in its segment. Freecharge recently launches many offer like get 250 rs ola voucher in just 50 rs recharge from freecharge and more like that.
recently they tied up with snap deal and now they are giving free 50rs recharge code of freecharge on every new install of snap deal app. as this was only for new customers , but as we know after the refer to earn program not many peoples are left without snapdeal and also the trick for unlimited device id changer is also NOT working for many users, so no hope for that offer for now.
but freecharge recently launched a new scheme that gives you 50rs cash back on any recharge of 50rs or above . so if you recharged your account with 50rs than you will get a voucher of 50rs so it means your recharge is free. there are many condition for this and you have to read it vey carefully so please read them , I will try my best to explain them for you and than after we will start our tricky part Smile

So lets start with some ToS Of this offer,

1. You Have to recharge with 50 or more rs for cash back.

2. after recharge the recharged number will get the 50 rs coupon code.

3. you can recharge only 5 numbers.

4. you can not recharge your own account for capon.

5. The number which get the recharge code will not able to avail the recharge with that code…

How to Avail This Offer :-

Just Recharge any number with more than 50rs recharge and that number will get the free 50rs voucher. Only first 5 user will get cash back voucher from one freecharge account. And the number which get voucher will not be able to get the benefit of this code.

How to use this offer for unlimited amount of recharge :-

1. Recharge Any Number( A) With Your FC Account.

2. Now That Number (A) Will Get Recharge And A Coupon Code.

3. Use that Coupon Code to recharge another number (B) with the same FC Account.

4. Do remember to use that 50rs code to recharge more than 50rs, means when recharging with that code to another number (B) simply add a coupon and than your checkout will be 51 rs.

5. now you paid only 1rs and a 51 rs recharge done . Now (B) will get recharge and a coupon code.

6. Use that Coupon Code to recharge another number (REPEAT Steps Again).

7. Every Time You Use that code you should recharge with more than 50rs…

Now read it very carefully :::

After 4th recharge with same FC Account you will get the cash back coupon than use that coupon in another freecharge account because limit is 5 recharge per account.. So you can recharge as much as you want only for 50rs and some voucher charge …

Thank you for reading Smile

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