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Free 3 Months Subscription Of Kaspersky Multi Device Protection Software

Free Kaspersky promoKaspersky the name is enough for security, this company is a huge giant when come to antivirus protection of Pc’s and other devices. They have very impressive GUI for users also they are very wide and broad network of virus definition.
So after many GunGaaan of Kaspersky lets focus on the topic, Kaspersky is running a initiative called onedollarlesson to improve the knowledge of users in field of cyber security,
One dollar lesson is also a charity event so when you complete a specify task Kaspersky will donate 1 dollar to needy ones . And you will also get 3 month subscription of Kaspersky multi device protection , it is one of the best protection services in market and more over this they are giving it for free.
So you will get 3 months of free Kaspersky protection. Even if you have any antivirus installed than also you can try this for fun or for more advance security. And also it is for your android smartphone so you can use this for your phone also , so having same protection for your pc and android phone is the concept for  multi device protection software from Kaspersky.
So here we starts,,,,

Some bullet points :-

1. 3 Months Of Multi Device protection software.

2. Can be used for your android device.

3. One Dollar Will Be Donated To Charity.

4.. New trick Added To Get Key Without Completing The Lessons.


1. Firstly Go To onedollarlesson.com .

2. You Should Use Good Speed Internet And Also I Prefer You To Use In PC.

3. Now Wait till Loading Is Going On After That Just Scroll.

4. You Will Get Lessons , For Completing One lesson You will get one month of Kaspersky Subscription.

5. After completing all 3 lesson you will get 3 months of subscription . like shown below:kis free key

6. On this screen click try now and fill you email address and you will get your key.

How To Get Key Without Watching Lesson :-

1. Just Go To onedollarlesson.com .

2. After The Loading Done press ctrl+u this is for chrome.

3. This Will Open Page Source in That Search By Pressing ctrl+f .

4. Search “trial”.

5. After That You Will Get A Code Like This : - /trial/?c=qhaPlSTmsJ

6. Paste Code In This http://onedollarlesson.com/code

7. Now GO TO That Link And You will Directly go to the email page.

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Thank You For ReadingSmile

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