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Free 3G Internet From Opera Browser For IDEA And VODAFONE [April 2015]

vodafone idea operaNo in first impression don’t assume anything, this is a official initiative by IDEA AND VODAFONE to provide some free access to their customer also this will promote opera mini browser. Opera was on top of third party browsers but when UC and other browser comes it can not stand in front of them. Poor UI design not so advance and other draw back of opera lead it to back position in third party browsers.
Beside that your ui opera launched a great ui update for windows phones but that is not enough to get its respect back , so opera is now trying to promote users by giving them free internet and also by some other offer that we will discuss later on.
So this is an initiative by idea and Vodafone in this they have many terms and conditions so lets see what they offer for FREE :-

Bullet Points For This Offer :-

1. Every Vodafone customer will get 5MB daily free browsing with opera browser.

2. Every idea customer will get 10MB Free browsing with opera daily.

3. With free data you can only browse internet.

4. Downloading,Streaming is charged by your main data or ac balance. As they are not allowed.

5. Its free and activated so just enjoys because there is something better than nothing.

Thank You For Reading Have A Nice Day .Smile

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