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Latest Airtel 3G Trick For Free 3G March 2015 [Speed Up to 1MBPS]

free airtel 3gAirtel has a great scope to find loop holes and tricks, I don’t know why but on internet 80% tricks are based on airtel network. SO this time after a very long time I am sharing a 3g trick for airtel yes a new 3g trick.
this is not a unique trick just an another proxy trick for airtel. Proxy tricks means it can be very from place to place so it is not the trick of the year but it has some potential in it because it had a new proxy and a new host page.
Host page is the key of working 3g trick that is why airtel kept blocking them very frequently so accessing them is a very big deal. but after some online research (and some face booking Smile with tongue out) I found a working host for 3g airtel and also after very little effort also found the working proxy with it.
This 3g trick can be configured for TCP trick so any one can configure and share it anywhere. I don’t say to not to share it because I know this trick has a very short life so use it till it get blocked and also configure it for TCP trick.
If some one does not know how to make it in a tcp config than don’t worry I will do it for you but give me sometime so wait for some more hours actually and you will get this trick in tcp config in new update of this site .
lets come to the point and start the trick …….

Feature of this trick :-

1. Working in All South And East States.

2. Constant 1MBPS Speed In IDM.

3. Can Be Used For 3g And 2g.

4. Can Be Used In Mobile And Pc Both.

Steps :-

1. Set This Proxy In Your Mobile Or In Pc Use Firefox or Chrome and put this proxy ;

Proxy :-

Port : - 3128

Homepage: Get.wynk.in

2. Now set your APN to ; airtelgprs.com

3. Now you are done use airtel 3g without any money or recharge .

But do use this trick when your all balance like data and main balance is 0 because this trick uses a host means when you exceed the host limit you will be charged to avoid limit expedition please reconnect after 300MB so this will insure than you will not be blocked or get speed capped.

the host is the home page of this trick but it is very important to keep host private so I am posting host in simple text file you can download it by just clicking on download button and don’t worry  it is a direct download link you you will get you download instantly just after clicking on button no ads no surveys.

Update :- the host is posted openly no need to download any file.

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