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How to Get Unlimited Recharge With TOI App [Verified Trick]

Paytm couponpreviously I write a article about how to get free 50rs recharge with times of India app (Promotional Offer) and in that article we posted how you can avail that offer which is an official TOI App Offer.
But now come to the unofficial method to get unlimited recharge codes with help of this trick. With this trick you can get unlimited paytm recharge codes of 50rs . and you can use this trick in pc and use for any kind of 3g internet pack.
this is very easy and unique trick to get your recharge codes for your phones. times of India recently started a campaign for their app, to promote their app they are giving 50rs for every new user who are installing and logging in their app by Facebook.
So basically they are giving 50rs per fb id but as you know or nahi bhi know Smile with tongue out that inn android there is an unique id no. which is allocated to your android device on the first boot up of your to give a unique identity for play store to recognize your phone.
So basically the problem is that even if you have more than one fb id to log in with TOI app but you can use them because in play store your device is already register for one time times of India downloaded list and you can get recharge code but you will get an error saying “THERE IS AN PROBLEM IN REDEEMING THE OFFER” . or something like that.
So what you can do to resolve this problem , ??? this post is to solve your problem about that but in starting I am telling you that you can just download and get your free 50rs code after that is you need more recharge and does not hesitate to follow some additional steps than you can refer to this post.

Things to be Needed :-

1. A new Facebook id with 10 friends minimum.

2. Youwave for PC App.. You Can Download From Here.

3. TOI App Setup .. Download It From HERE.

4. Paytm App And Most important A Little Bit Of Patience.

Steps :-

There is some steps to get free recharge they are very simple but you have to do them as I mentioned so please read carefully are follows as I mentioned please don’t use some other logics in this .

1. Run Youwave for PC And click On Factory Reset Button.

2. Than Run TOI In youwave by clicking on file and path to app….

3. Now Toi app will run and you  will get this offer screen ( if you are not getting this than just simply go to the settings in app [by clicking three bars at right most part of the app] and than click on offers).

4. Now Press on Log in with Facebook and than enter your id details and log in.

5. by this you will get a recharge code for paytm and to get unlimited codes do repeat all the steps from step 1 and do not forget to restore factory in youwave.. use a new fb account always.

After Getting Recharge Coupe:-

1. Copy Recharge Code And Go To Paytm app.

2. Enter  No. And Than Press Proceed .

3. Write Code In Coupon Field And Than Press Apply And Than You Are Done.

I Personally recharged my many numbers with 350/- of amount in total ( not in single ) and also if you are thinking that making a fake id and allowing 10 friends in a big deal than remind that just make any id with female in gender Coolum and you can get 100 friends also Smile with tongue out

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  1. bro after clicking path to app i am not able to open it

    1. @SUMIT:- first download the toi apk and than paste it on desktop. In youwave select desktop as the path and press ok than after you can see all the apk available in desktop in youwave. after that click on TOI app you will get after selecting desktop as default app section.


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