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Use Your Computer Hard drive as a Wireless Expendable Memory For Your Smartphone

Phone PC SyncTired of fixed internal memory or want to have access to your files in your computer at any time from any android device without any network charges or USB cable than this post can help you..
With this post you can use your phones file explorer to use your pc hard drive as a external storage. you can view any movie directly from your laptop to your phone or search from many files in your pc and edit them live on your device.
You can use this trick to use your phone as a remote manager of your pc . Just Imagine a situation you are inn bathroom and listening a song (yess only song Smile with tongue out Winking smile ) but suddenly you realize that your favorite song is not in your phone you accidently deleted it and now what will you do.. No worry Just Open the App and access your pc wirelessly and play the song from your pc song collection.
Or You want to Watch A video from your pc but you want to see that video in small screen for privacy reasons Winking smile you can use this method just use your phone and play that video as it was in your phone.

Things Required :-

1. Windows Based Pc With Wi-Fi.

2. A Android Device With Wi-Fi.

3. Two Software's  :- 

                (A) MypublicWIFI For PC .. Download From Here (1.08MB)

                (B) Es File Explorer For Android.. Download From Here.

4. Some Reading Skills Smile with tongue out

What Will you Get :

1. Able To Access Your Pc Hard driver Anytime Wirelessly From Your Android Device.

2. Your Device Can Carry Very Large Amount Of Data..

3. All The Software's Are Free And Can Do Many Task And Also These Tools Are Listed As Must Have Utilities For Pc And Android


Steps :-

    1. Download And Install ES Explorer In Your Phone And MypublicWifi In your pc.

    • In PC Do This….

          1. After Installing MypublicWIFI Run It as administrator.

          2. Now Make A Hotspot With These Setting …

          Check Automatic Hotspot Configuration

          Network Name :- ‘Anything’

          Password :- ‘Anything You want’

          Now Start The Hotspot


          3. Now Choose The Drive Or Folder That You Want To Share On Wi-Fi And also Select The Access Like if you only want to read only pc files or have to give full control to your android device.

          If You Are not Aware How To Share Files Over Wi-Fi Or Lan On Pc You can Refer To This Article..

          • In Android Device Do This …

            1. After Installing ES File Explorer On Your WIFI And Connect To The Wi-Fi You Made In Your PC ‘Anything’ Named WIFI.

            2. After Connecting open ES Explorer And In Side Menu Select Lan And Press Scan.

            3. If You Followed All The Steps Right Than You Pc Will Appear Like This in Your Android Device.


            4. Just Click On Computer Icon And Browse Play or edit your pc files. You can also copy your phones files to your pc .


            Now you can use pc as a expandable memory for your phone in a limited range . and also ES explorer is very good app to have in your phone it can do many task. In pc mypublicwifi is a necessary tools to give hotspot to a android device because android device does not support the ad hoc feature of windows .

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