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Moto X 1st Gen And Moto E 1st Gen Lollipop Upgrade [Updated]

moto x Lollipop updateAndroid lollipop is creating very loud buzz at this moment whether for bugs or some issues or for new material design and project Volta. But lollipop is one of the most big change update for Google.
Google released a new update is not the point but mobile makers have to give OTA in order to use that update. Motorola is one of the front liner in giving the OTA faster than other. Like this time also moto updated its all major android phones to Android Lollipop except MOTO X 1st gen And MOTO E 1st gen.


About Moto E 1st Gen Android Lollipop Update :-

Moto E 1st Gen Will get the lollipop upgrade. Only manufacture like Motorola is giving the update to a low end smartphone like MOTO E . Moto E Will Surely Get the lollipop update in Mid Of March this is because if release of Moto e 2nd gen. After the launch Motorola will give the OTA to MOTO E 1st GEN , The update will surely rolled out in Mid of march
so for moto e 1st gen wait is only because of Moto E 2nd gen release.

About Moto X First Gen Lollipop Update :-

Sorry guys there is bad news. Moto x 2013 will get lollipop after MOTO E, this unexpected delay is because of the unique X8 based chip set of moto x. Moto X  2013 is supported by a unique chipset than include a dual core processor,a quad core GPU and two special core one is for motion sensing and other one is for language processing for moto voice .
Refer Article :- Moto X On lollipop Update.
Customizing the lollipop for this complex X8 chipset is a great deal, but this is not the only issue Motorola is giving all the new features of Moto x 2014 to Moto X 2013 this made the job of delivering the OTA more difficult. So there is a long wait for moto x 1st gen users.
But recently a moto customer care agent spoke about the update and has insure that moto x lollipop update is very close . Customer care does not know about that things but there is something better than nothing. A moto fan page has recently post the screen shot of the customer care agent chat .
Also by some internal news from Moto The Moto x 2013 Will get the update in March and it is a sure shot news. No more delay in this march moto x will surely get the taste of lollipop and also the new features of Moto X 2014.
Screenshot Of the chat :-
13018_929122637138673_1577008275297762096_n10999973_929122507138686_7871356921228544226_n (1)
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Update :- Moto x 1st gen got the 5.1 update 01/08/15 but it is not sweet as lollipop. Find my review on site for better understanding .

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