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Blazing Fast Vodafone Trick With 7.2mbps Speed

Vodafone-3G trick This Is a new trick that is not so popular on web . Vodafone is the best trick provider because as you all know about SATHIK VPN that trick lasted for about 6 months.  Means Vodafone does not block tricks of daily purpose and as this is not a popular trick so this trick will work in most of regions .

Not all users are able to use tricks at this time. But This trick is not like others after so many tricks i found this one. This particular trick is working best in my region. So lets come on the Latest Vodafone 3G Trick…

This Trick is based on Open TCP Port but don’t worry this comes with a working host so it will surely works on your region. Okay is you are not a pro tricker than you can skip this passage and directly download the trick and you can follow steps for configuration of this trick..

This is the new host that is disclosed in some forum and by making configs based on this hosts makes this trick possible to work, and this trick comes with free to use VPN Vpnbook so not to worry about speed or ads on your internet surfing .

Do change the password in Hacksofworld.txt . For new password Go to Vpnbook.com

Pros OF This Trick :-

1. Tested By Me Personally..

2. 100% Working In all over the India.

3. Free To Use And Openly Posted.

4. Full Step By Step Guidance For New Users.

Cons Of This Trick :--

1. Because Of Time Problem The Testing was not done properly in some states .

Steps :-

1. Just Download The Trick From Below.

2. Download And Install NMDVPN . ( You Can Download It From HERE )

3. Copy The Configs To c:/program files/NMDVPN/Configs/

4. Just Connect with your net connection and than connect with any config.

Download Links :-


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