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How To Unblock Restricted Sites On Every Network

Want To Use Facebook at your school or at your work station ??? but when you try to access Facebook a message will blow your brain !!!!!!THIS SITE IS BLOCKED BY ADMINISTRATOR (or something like that)!!!!!! Yes this is the annoying message.
In this age of technology Internet Censorship is a topic to debut.So What is internet censorship and how to remove it to access blocked data on your pc.Here is the completely GEEK and fully explained Knowledge base for a beginner.
Internet Censorship is developed for controlling the restricted information but after that peoples started using network restriction.In old days only our ISPs were able to control sites but for now any one control over online life.

Internet Censorship can divide in two part.Here are they : -

1. Restriction By Any Software : - As we all know that all things on internet is not family friendly and no one wanted that his child see that kind of thing like pornography,gambling sites or sites that contains violence So to insure your child from that kind of contains you can use net nanny or cybersitter or any other kind of software.So what they to insure your child.

They comes with a black list which includes sites that are suspicious and contains not suitable stuff for your child.So when someone want to browse that site they block them.
Other Way is Scanning Keyword.What they basically do is that they scan every web page which you browse and they find suspicious keywords.If they found any suspicious keyword then they will block that page.
This type of software is used by many home users and now the second one.....

2. Restrictions By ISPs : -  In this we will learn to remove this censorship.ISP (Internet Service Provider) Block sites for many reasons and if we talk about india (Where i Live ) Most of ISP block torrent sites, illegal songs download sites or many other.So if you want to download anything from these site you can't do that.Here this article can help you because in this article we talk about bypassing these restrictions.

How to Unblock Everything On Internet : -

You Can Unblock everything by using These Method : -

1. Remove Restrictions By Using VPN :-

VPN Stands for Virtual Private Network.For Full Information About VPN Read This Article : - What Is VPN . 

Steps : -

1. Connect Your Internet Connection.

2. Then Connect With Any Vpn From Above : -

1. PD Proxy
2. Hotspot Shield VPN


You Can Use This Premium By-passer With Premium Accounts and Unlimited Bandwidth With Full Internet Access : - 

Download Internet CensorShip Bypasser
(Download This File In 5 Seconds With Download Links In 5 Seconds)

2. Remove Restrictions By Using Proxy : -

1. Connect Your Internet Connection.

2. Put Any Proxy From Here To Your Browser Or Directly Use From Here.

Thats All Now You Can Use Internet Without Restrictions.......

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  1. Well unblocking has been really a hectic thing for me, than one of my friend suggested me purevpn and till now its working perfect


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