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How To Get Puk Or Pin Code In Idea [Still Working]

In This Age Of Information Security, Privacy Is On Of The Most Important Thing.We Use Many Kind Of Locking Software's And Phone Locking Software's But When It Comes To Sim Security Most Of The People Only Use Puk Or Pin Code Locking System.

Puk ( Personal Unlocking Key ) Uses For Locking Your Sim Card Instead Of Locking You Mobile Phone Means When Someone Try To Use your Sim It Requires A Password ( PUK Code ) To Unlock Your Sim Card.The Puk Code Is Impossible To hack Because It saves on Network Provider's Data Base So No One Can Steal Your Number's Identity.

But If You Lost Your Password Then Don't Worry Here Is A Simple Sweet Tutorial To Get Your Puk Code.


So Here Is The Steps : :-

  1. Dial 12345 From Any Idea Number..

2. After The Call Connect Press 131.

3. Then Enter The Number Which You Want To Unlock.

4. Then They Will Tell You The 8 Digit Puk Code.  

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