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Send Free SMS With Your Own Number

Sending SMS is a very common and general thing for a regular mobile user but all network operators hike their SMS rates By 300% means the rates are hiked by 3 times.So today i am posting a app that is called hike and with hike you can send SMS,video,music and every thing to any mobile user via sms and mms.
The best part of this app is that you can message to every on including those users who do not have hike on their phone.In my personal opinion this is the best part.As we all know that whatsapp is more popular than hike but with whatsapp you can not send messages to non whatsapp users so you have to compromise with your sms feeling.
You can send SMS and every file in your phone and the most amazing part is that all sms and mms are received with your number so no need to add your name in every sms.With help of this you can save your sms recharge money and sending an mms is not simpler as this.
As i say with help of hike you can send videos,music and any
other media file so you can send them on every phone even on on hike users phone so this should be a great app for sms lovers.
With whatsapp you cant send messages on non users and whatsapp is not a free service,you have to pay for it after 1 year.In these days not every one have whatsapp on their phone so on user to user sms is a major draw back of whatsapp so if you want to use your first messenger or you have completed you whatsapp subscription or if you want to quit whatsapp because user to user sms than The Hike messenger Is Made For You.....
So lets See Some Fantastic Feature Of Hike Messenger.............

Benefits of Hike :-

1. Send Unlimited SMS With Your Own Number : - With help of hike messenger you can send unlimited sms to hike user but there is a limit on sending messages to non hike user its 100 messages per month But you can earn more messages by inviting friends on hike.If you send messages with hike than receiver will get message with your own number and this is great because sms sites send messages with their number but hike send messages with your number and this all is free.You just need a internet connection any connection will work like 2g,3g,WIFI and any other that is available in your area.

2. Send Any Type Of Media : - On Hike messenger you send any type of media to your hike friends and you can send music and videos which is size upto 6 MB.This feature is only supported on hike meesenger application.But you can install hike and it is free of cost and no ads are displayed in free version.

3. Earn Recharge With Hike : - By installing hike you get Rs. 10 talk time in your prepaid account.You can earn more recharge by inviting friend on hike.They pay instantly for inviting friends and they pay Rs. 20 per friend install with your request.

4. Very Simple To Use : - Hike has a very simple ui and using hike is also very simple.When you install hike in your phone it prompt your mobile number for registration after registration you can use hike and using hike is very simple like i attached screen shots below..

Cons Of Hike : -

1. Users Feel Late Delivery In International SMS.

2. Sending SMS To NON Hike User Service Is Only Available For India.

3. Not That Much Popular.

4. Not Available For Java Phones.

Download Hike :-

Download For Iphone.

Download For Android.

Download For Windows Phone.

Download For Nokia.

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