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Make Money With Fileice

If you want to earn serious online money without having any knowledge of online industry and online earning method than file ice is the best thing for you or if you are using ad sense or other ppc (Pay Per Click) website than you must use Fileice because it pays more than every ptc site because it is a ppd ( Pay Per Download ) site means you have to upload your downloads on their sites and when somebody want to download your file he has to complete a small survey after completing survey you will get you money and he will get his file....

So by doing survey and getting more traffic to surveys you will get money as your commission and believe me their per download rates are just awesome and they support many payouts methods like paypal and most
amazing thing is that they support direct cash transfer means they deposit money direct in your bank account.
So here is my review about Fileice :-

What Is Fileice :-

Fileice is a PPD site that pays you when somebody download your file.If you have a file that is really important and worth of some hard bucks then instead of uploading that file on other free file hosting websites upload it on fileice because if your file is really important than many peoples want to download it and when a user want to download your file he has to complete a survey means he has to complete a offer and after that only he can download your file.So user completed a survey means you advertise something and we all know marketing is a very huge industry so Fileice got money from these marketing industry and give your money....

Pros Of Fileice :-

1. No Security Loop :- Fileice has a very strong firewall that dont allow any bypasser means their is no method to remove fileice survey.In other PPD sites their are several bugs located in their systems so users download your file with help of that bugs and because of that your earnings comes to bottom but Fileice is not bypassble so no need to worry about your earnings.

2. Highest Paying Rates : - Fileice gives more money than any ppd site.You will get 1$ -20$ per download as it depends on the user who download your file but in india it is bit lower means you get 1$ for three completed surveys.Dont thing negative as i say it depends on users country so indian users can also get high rates.

3. Easy Payouts :- Fileice supports many payouts options like paypal,amzon gift cards and wire transfer.The most reasonable option is paypal because it is easy to withdraw money via paypal and creating a paypal account is not a rocket science but in india you can not create paypal account without a PAN Card so wire transfer is good option for indians but the main problem of wire transfer is that they charge 33$ to deposit your money in your account.

Cons Of Fileice :-

1. Not So Easy Surveys :- On Fileice Website they claimed that their surveys are very easy to complete but i personally dont feel that their surveys are that easy to complete but if you have a file that is really worth these surveys than you not need to worry at all.

2. High Payout Rates :- The payout rates is very high on fileice means you have to earn 50$ to withdraw your mony.Most of readers might thinking that 50$ is not that much high but if you are a beginner than it is a problem for you.

3. Online Bloggers :- I know most of you readers might thinking that how blogging can affect Fileice but i mean to say that if you search on net about Fileice you will found many blogs that claim that you can get 15$ per day or earn 88$ per day on fileice but they are fake so beware. 


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