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Get Full Speed In BSNL & MTNL Broadband (Update on OCT 2015)

On this site we always shares 3G and 2G tricks but we all know that tricks are temporary so having a broadband connection is a good plan because broadband are way more cheaper than paid 2G & 3G and they also come with unlimited plans on speed basis.

Like i said speed basis means most of broadband companies charge on speed not on data amount you use but we all know their are some companies like BSNL claim that they give you 4MBPS speed but when you subscribe these plan you not get this speed.

I personally subscribed the 1MBPS plan but i am not

getting this in fact in peek hour like in afternoon i get only 30 KBPS speed and this is not fair so for the first time on internet we are sharing a trick for broadband to get full speed.

Means you get full plan speed but when we were trying this trick an amazing thing happened,my friend who subscribed to 256 KBPS plan had getting 4 MBPS with this trick so we realized that accidently we get a method to remove the speed cap of broadband companies.

With this trick i assure you that this trick is working everywhere but some times users can not get speed then their plan but it is 100% tested that with this trick you can get full plan speed on any time on peek hours also.

Feature of Trick :-

1. Working Everywhere :- As we all know that there are few broadband tricks are working so because they are not that much popular so you can use this trick on long term basis and because their are no difference in broadband connections so thats why this trick is working every where.

2. MTNL & BSNL Both Trick Tested :- This trick is working on many broadband service providers but we personally tested them on BSNL & MTNL and trust me the results are awesome.

3. Mediafire Links :- If you are a daily visitor of this site than you must know that we always post tricks on mediafire but from few days some download links of this site were updated on fileice but dont worry we again updated the links to mediafire.

Steps :-

All Steps are included in file and dont worry downloading the file is survey free....

Download Links :-

Download BSNL MTNL Speed Hack

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  1. Is it ligeal to do so ?

  2. @Anonymous :-
    Bro Trust Me There Is Nothing Illegal In This Trick.

  3. where to fill these proxies please help

  4. is it really working . .

  5. @karan:-
    Fill These Proxies In Your Browser.

  6. I'm seeing soclock page info but can't download

  7. Hi where should i fill thsi thing. in browser how? how to fill in browser??? pls reply

  8. Link not workinG. Plz update it .

  9. Sorry cant find the download link, which you've provided is not working please help...

  10. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ol161ju3kw8gb1b/Hacksofworld+-+BSNL+SPEED+HACK.rar
    this is the link, thats it

  11. Thanks sandeep ... links updated..

  12. bro this wont help past fup? this is to get full speeds within fup?

  13. What is the port of these proxyies??

  14. Depends upon which proxy you are using...

  15. my connection is 512kbps and how to use these ip address in foxy proxy l assign all ip adress one by one but foxy proxy extension will tell me this is wrong so please help me how can i increase my speed ....please help me and plese explen all the procedure step by step

  16. bro i've BNL BRODBAND connection.
    but i want to shere this connection with by friend
    in simple i wana use two modems on one bsnl land line connection

    so can we access real time NET both side at one time ?
    is it possible (expect eathernet LAN cable)

    im also from a hacker group but today im aslo feeling failed.
    pleae reply me on- v21poundrich@gmail.com


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