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Airtel 3G 2 MBPS Proxy Trick

Today i am sharing another proxy trick for airtel but the most amazing part of this trick is that it is working in all over india with very good speed of 2 MBPS......From the beginning of 2013 , All tricks were blocked so now believe me not a single trick is working in all over india.I know some regional tricks are working in delhi and u.p but the main problem is that they are only  working in their region only like in delhi some udp tricks are working and in U.P some TCP 443 tricks are working (me bada jankar aadmi hu :) but i cant share them because they are not working in all over india so i am sharing this trick which is confirmed in many states but sorry for the M.P users because this trick will not work in M.P and the reason is that TCP 443 port is closed in M.P.
Because of Blocked TCP 443 no Free home page can bypass the airtel firewall with a proxy but this is only for M.p users so expect M.p users all users can test free 3g at high speed with this trick.

And With this trick i am including another trick that is 100 % working in all over india but it is only for pc so you can try both tricks because in m.p second one is working fine for me..

Feature of Trick : -

1. Second Trick is Working Everywhere .

2. Easy to Configure.

3. No Need To Download Anything.

4. 2 MBPS Speed On Second Trick......

5. Get Uncapped TO Use Full 3G Speed By Uncapping Solution.

Steps For Mobile :-

1. Make a New Configuration In Your Phone : -
  1. Account Name :- Hacksofworld
  2. Proxy :- Or 
  3. Port :- 80
2. Save It and Open Any Working Homepage Of Your state.

In Case You Dont Know About Working Homepage Then These are some of Them :-

1. d.airtelworld.com


3. Or You Can Download More Homepages From Here.

Steps For Pc :-

1. Download Airtel Hack Configs From Below Link.

2. Paste All Files In C:/program files/NMD VPN/Config

3. If You Dont Have NMD VPN Than Download It From Below Link.

4. Than Run NMD VPN And Connect With Any Server It Will Connect Instantly.

Note :- Please Connect Modem Before Connecting NMD VPN.

Download Links :-

Download Airtel Vpn Hack
(Just Click Like To Download)

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  1. thank u verrry much....i tried the second trick for pc and now it is working.thank u again.

  2. Hi bro
    i m from Gujarat
    i download your second trick with Config File but not working in Gujarat.
    plz give me solution.
    if u have any Vodafone Trick then plz share.
    i am waiting for reply

    1. But bro i am using the second config and its working fine in dahod gujrat.

    2. Hi bro
      i from Halol ,Gujarat
      i try to connect but not connect with any server.
      U doing the any changes in Config file.
      please tell me.

    3. Yes i changed host in configs..

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. hi darshan
      plz tell me the changes u done
      on my id : jrpatel1560@gmail.com

      i m waiting for reply

  3. Second config is working fine for me thank you and please upload some vodafone tricks.

    1. Glad To Hear That The Trick IS working For You And We Will Surely Update Some Vodafone Tricks So Stay Tuned With Our Site.

  4. hi bro

    Second config is not working for me.
    please any one tell me what changes are done in Config file

    1. You can change host in the config...search airtel free homepages on this site and you will get many working homepage.if the problem still exists than tell us we will surely help you.

    2. hi bro
      i found the one homepage working in my area without any cost.
      but when i put this HP in Config file then it is not connected.
      i m use 2g signal becoz u know in some area 3G is not Work.
      please help me waiting for reply

    3. Bro Try The proxy trick first.

  5. Replies
    1. Bro You Should Try Airtel 3G BBM Trick Because Proxy Tricks Are Purely Location Based.

  6. hey what is the modem and how to connect it and i know sim is the modem

    1. Modem Can Be your regular modem or a USB Dongle.

  7. Hi bro its not working in assam. please Give me working 3g proxy for airtel on mobile


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