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Free Homepages For Airtel

If you are using any proxy trick than you might know that these tricks work with a proxy and a free homepage,proxies are easy to find as you can search on net and you will find many sites that offers free proxies But the most difficult part are homepages or ips.If you ever search for any trick that you might find a proxy and a line that IN HOMEPAGE PUT ANY WORKING FREE IP OF YOUR AREA but most of users are not aware of IPS,so i am posting these ips or homepages to use in your tricks and if
you dont have any trick then try our tricks.

Feature's Of Trick :-

1. Make Your Own Trick.
2. High Speed Proxies Added.
3. Every Thing Is User Friendly Like Mediafire Link.

What is Free Homepages:-

In proxy tricks,homepages are used to connect with proxy server because these homepages are free so you can connect with any free proxy server for free internet.These homepages will open in your browser without any cost of gprs.When you connect with any proxy server with these homepages,it shows like that you are using a cost free service but with help of proxy you can browse and download unlimited data with full 3g speed by Speed capping solution.

How to Use Free Homepages:-

1. Open and check these homepage,Find a working one from these.

2. Now Put any proxy in your browser,Proxies are included in files.for new proxies Click Here.
3.After setting proxy place working homepage of your area in homepage field or in address bar of your browser.

4.Now open browser with these homepage and see the magic.


you can use any tricks from these:-

Download Links :-

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