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Two Working Airtel Opera Trick For Mobile

After so many days i am back with a new and working airtel trick and the most amazing part of this trick is that it is working on mobile.This trick is based on proxy trick and frontquery. 
Since last four month only airtel tricks are working but mobile user was unable to test these tricks because of  
vpn or other apps like pdproxy.We all know that these applications can only be used on pc.So i found a working trick for mobile and i personally tested this trick on my android...........
With help of this trick you can browse and download on 3g speed at 0 balance.The most of airtel tricks use free host or the free homepage but airtel blocked every working host which are posted on internet but this trick is not use these old hosts.
From the starting of 2013 no tricks are working so try this trick because i tested it on android and this is also for java based phones.

First Trick :-

Feature of Trick : -

1. Full 3G Speed : - With help of this trick you can use airtel 3g without any cost or balance deduction.But if you are not getting 3g on 3g signals that means your speed has been capped.You can uncap your 3g speed
with help of Speed Capping Solution.

2. Works on Java And Android : - With this artical i am uploading both android and java version of opera handler.

3. Mediafire Links : - I always upload my files on mediafire because i dont want to earn money via ppd sites because not every one can bypass their surveys.

4. Tested On Android And Java :- I personally tested this trick on my android but many readers tested it on java version also..

5. Work At 0 Balance :- This tricks works at 0 balance and if you have balance dont worry it wont be deducate  But you should use tricks at low balance to prevent balance deduction.on Rarest Airtel Trick readers are unable to use that because of balance so this trick for everyone.

Steps :-

1. Create a configuration on Your phone :-
  • Account Name : - HACKSOFWORLD
  • Access Point :- airtelgprs.com
  • Proxy Address :-
  • Port :- 80
2. Download opera handler from below and Install it on your phone.
3. Write this in the frontquery field :-
  • g.co/gms/m/wap.mauj.com.php/0A/http/
4. If you are using java version then dont forget to clear all fields like custem http.
5. Then press ok.

Second Trick :-

Create manual settings
(s40 users use prov. file)

Open opera 4.2 handler

In Primary HTTP server

In Socket server

In HOST or HTTP >airtel.in/data

This TRick iS not tested by us but it is working so try it.

Download Links :-

Please comment below for any help or just say thank you  And Please give suggestions Here.

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  1. does the handler work with any opera in droid.

    1. yes.it will work with any opera handler but i upload the new one so you can try trick with it.


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